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Additional Long-Term Fiscal External Panel Meetings Scheduled

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Friday, 22 February 2013
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The Treasury has scheduled two additional sessions of the Long-Term Fiscal External Panel, for 11 March and 11 April 2013.

Treasury Secretary Gabriel Makhlouf said the quality of the feedback received through the four Panel sessions that were held last year had proved so valuable the Treasury wanted to seek Panel feedback during the drafting process for the next Statement on the Long-Term Fiscal Position.

"Having taken on board the External Panel feedback received last year, as well as the individual research of members who presented at the Affording Our Future Conference, we are now drafting the final Statement. The Panel has been a valuable input into our background analysis, and we are keen to reconvene the Panel to get its input during drafting," says Mr Makhlouf.

The Panel was established last year by the Treasury to test its analysis of the Crown's long-term financial challenges in advance of the next Statement on the Long-Term Fiscal Position. It consists of a range of independent experts and commentators.

Professor Bob Buckle, Chair of the Panel, said that he is looking forward to the new sessions.

"The whole process, culminating last year in the Affording Our Future Conference, has been a great model for public policy development and has helped to raise public awareness of long-term fiscal issues. I know the Panel members too have been very supportive of the process and all were keen to be involved again. The new sessions will allow us to pick up where we left off last year".


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Note to Editors:

The Public Finance Act requires the Treasury to publish a Statement on the Long-Term Fiscal Position before the end of October 2013. Responsibility for the final version of the Statement will be the Treasury's alone.

The independent External Panel was established in early 2012 to test and challenge the Treasury's initial research as it works to finalise its next Statement.

The Panel met four times between late August and late November 2012. 

More information on the External Panel, as well as summaries and draft research papers from the 2012 meetings, can be found at:

Research papers discussed at the meetings were draft works-in-progress. Analysis may be refined, amended or strengthened in response to feedback from the Panel, and from other peer-review processes, prior to being used in the Treasury's next Long-Term Fiscal Statement.

Papers presented at the Affording Our Future 2012 Conference held 10-11 December 2012 are available at:

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Friday, 22 February 2013