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Media and Analysts' Budget 2010 lock-up

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Thursday, 1 April 2010
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The Budget 2010 lock-up for media and economic and financial analysts will be held on Thursday 20 May from 10.30am at the Banquet Hall in Parliament Buildings.

Documents will be available from 10.30am and Treasury officials will also be available from that time to answer technical questions arising from any of the Budget documents.

There are a limited number of places available at the Parliament Buildings lock-up. As in previous years, priority will be given to:

  • National and international media organisations; and
  • Economic and financial analysts attached to either financial institutions or national organisations which provide relevant specialist advisory services.

As in previous years, the Minister of Finance will attend this year’s Budget lock-up. The Hon Bill English expects to attend the lock-up from 12pm to 12.45pm.

If you would like to access the Banquet Hall prior to 10.30am in order to set up equipment, Treasury officials will permit access from 10.00am for that purpose.


Two Auckland-based media organisations, Television New Zealand and the National Business Review, have requested that the Treasury provide access to Budget 2010 documents under embargo conditions. In response to this request, provision has been made for up to 20 media representatives to attend a secure lock-up to be held at TVNZ studios in Victoria St West. There will be no Treasury officials at the Auckland lock-up authorised to answer technical questions and no Ministerial representatives, although two Treasury staff will attend to help administer security around the event.

Media accredited to the Parliamentary Press Gallery will be permitted to leave the lock-ups at 1.55pm and the embargo for Budget material will end at 2pm on the commencement of Hon Bill English’s Budget Speech in the House of Representatives.

All other attendees who are not accredited to the Press Gallery will be permitted to leave the lock-ups at 2pm which is when the lock-ups officially end.



Compliance with embargo provisions will be monitored. By submitting a RSVP, attendees are agreeing to the following conditions for attending either lock-up:

  • Mobile phones and other communication devices are not permitted at either the Parliament Buildings or the Auckland lock-ups and must be surrendered to Treasury staff upon entry; and,
  • Telephone lines and wireless Internet connections are not to be used for transmitting any information during the duration of the lock-ups.
  • In response to media requests, it has been decided that this year media and analysts will be permitted to connect by remote access to outside of the lockup after 1.55 p.m. for the purpose of being prepared to start transmitting after 2pm.
  • Any individual found to break embargo provisions may be refused permission to attend future media events and the organisation to which they are attached may also be refused permission to attend future media events, including future budget events.



Organisations and individuals must RSVP by 5pm on Tuesday 27 April to advise of the names of those who would like to register an interest in attending either the Budget 2010 lock-up at Parliament Buildings, or the Auckland lock-up.

Treasury will confirm acceptances to lock-ups by Friday 7 May.

Contact: Caroline Meo at the Treasury. Please use this template email to

PLEASE NOTE: UNLESS you specify the Auckland event it will be assumed that you are applying to attend the Parliament Buildings lock-up.



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