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Positioning the Treasury for future challenges

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Thursday, 3 September 2009
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Secretary to the Treasury John Whitehead today announced changes to the agency’s leadership structure. 

"The changes are about the Treasury meeting the challenges of the new economic and financial environment that it is now operating in," said Mr Whitehead.

The announcement concludes a review of the leadership structure in the organisation which began earlier this year and has involved extensive consultation. It also builds on the Stepping Up programme that the Treasury started in 2006 to ensure ongoing performance improvement.

The leadership review looked specifically at how best to align the Treasury’s leadership structure with what we need to achieve. This includes a requirement for the Treasury, as a central agency, to show more active leadership across the wider state sector.

"It is not about downsizing the organisation but about focusing on the challenges ahead," Mr Whitehead said.

A reorganisation of the leadership structure will result in nine positions being disestablished and eight new positions being created. There will also be changes in the way Treasury work groups are organised.

In addition, all of the monitoring responsibilities currently held by the Treasury and the Crown Company Monitoring Advisory Unit (CCMAU) will be consolidated into one unit inside the Treasury.

"By bringing the monitoring, appointments and governance functions into the Treasury, we are seeking to better leverage our collective capabilities," Mr Whitehead said.

"The changes announced today are about making sure we work to our collective strengths to achieve the best possible results for New Zealand."


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