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Treasury releases Productivity Papers on enterprise, innovation, investment and skills

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Thursday, 17 April 2008
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The Treasury today released four new Productivity Papers focusing on the key areas of enterprise, innovation, investment and skills.

The Treasury Productivity Papers are a series of papers that discuss New Zealand’s long-term productivity performance and the factors that may be inhibiting New Zealand from reaching its potential. Previously-released Productivity Papers include an overview of productivity drivers and challenges; an examination of past and more recent productivity performance; and an investigation of the changing nature and quality of the country’s workforce.

New Zealand’s long-term trend of productivity under-performance is the biggest economic challenge facing policy-makers and both the public and private sectors, and will require a sustained effort on a number of fronts. The Treasury is publishing its work on productivity performance and what matters for productivity in order to broaden and deepen public discussion on this important topic.

The papers released today are:

The papers are available on the Treasury’s website at:


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