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Treasury seeking new Productivity Commission inquiry topics

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Monday, 2 February 2015
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The Treasury is seeking suggestions for two new inquiry topics that could be undertaken by the New Zealand Productivity Commission in 2015.

The Commission is currently conducting inquiries into more effective social services and using land for housing, which are due to be reported to Ministers by 30 June and 30 September 2015 respectively. The two new inquiries will commence after these current inquiries are completed. 

The Commission has a broad mandate to improve productivity in a way that supports the overall wellbeing of New Zealanders. On referral from Ministers, the Commission conducts inquiries and reports on productivity related matters. 

Potential inquiry topics will be selected based on the degree to which they: use the Commission's unique position as an independent agency with high quality analytical ability and a focus on public engagement have the potential to deliver practical policy recommendations to improve productivity and support the overall well-being of New Zealanders; and require a substantial degree of analysis to resolve a complex set of issues. 

Potential inquiry topics that meet these criteria should be submitted to together with a brief outline of the scope of the inquiry and any relevant supporting information by Friday 27 February 2015.  

A list of potential inquiry topics will then be submitted to Ministers for their consideration.  

The Treasury is the department responsible for the Productivity Commission, and manages the process for suggesting potential inquiry topics to responsible Ministers. 

Previous inquiries have included housing affordability, international freight transport costs, strengthening trans-Tasman economic relations, local government regulatory performance, boosting productivity in the services sector, and regulatory institutions and practices.

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Deborah Cuzens | Communications Advisor
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Tuesday, 3 February 2015