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Wairarapa Building Society approved for extended Retail Deposit Guarantee Scheme

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Friday, 28 May 2010
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The Treasury today approved Wairarapa Building Society for the extended Retail Deposit Guarantee Scheme.

A copy of the Deed of Guarantee for Wairarapa Building Society is available on Approved Institutions.

The current Retail Deposit Guarantee Scheme ends on 12 October 2010 and the extension scheme starts immediately afterwards. Under the terms of the extension to the Crown’s guarantee, eligible depositors will be repaid up to a maximum of $250,000 each if the Wairarapa Building Society fails to pay depositors back money that they are owed.

The extension scheme will end on 31 December 2011. Participation in the extension scheme is voluntary.

Further information about extension see Retail Deposit Guarantee Scheme.



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Friday, 28 May 2010