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Treasury staff insights: Rangitaki

Treasury Staff Insights: Rangitaki are online articles prepared by individual staff members or by teams in the Treasury. Our aims are to share more of our thinking and to showcase the analysis and research of our talented staff.

Purpose of the Series

The Treasury Staff Insights: Rangitaki series builds on a strong tradition in the Treasury of contributing to the wider debate on economic issues and publishing practical applied analysis through our:

We see this analysis as crucial to being effective policy advisors.

Over time Staff Insights:Rangitaki topics will cover the very broad span of the Treasury's advisory role from fiscal policy and commercial operations, through to public accounting standards and best practice regulation. 

In their Staff Insights: Rangitaki articles staff are writing in their individual capacity or in a Treasury team's capacity and the views are not necessarily a "Treasury" view. The goal is to focus on the analytical content and insights.

Contacting Authors

The Treasury welcomes comments and questions on Staff Insights: Rangitaki articles.

Treasury Staff Insights Mailbox

It is helpful to include a link to the Staff Insights: Rangitaki article(s) you are commenting on.

If you intend to email comments or questions on Staff Insights: Rangitaki articles please note these provisions:

  • Your comments will be passed on to the relevant author or team.
  • Authors or teams will endeavour to respond to your comments and questions by email.
  • If your questions include requests for official information that is not already in the public domain the Treasury's processes for OIA will apply:
  • Authors or teams may wish to update their Staff Insights: Rangitaki articles in response to your comments or questions.  Changes made to articles will be explained on the article page.
  • Comments or questions you send may be published as part of an update to an article without seeking your consent. Any information that might identify you will not be published however without your express consent.
  • We reserve the right not to respond to any comments or questions that violate any laws, contain offensive language or material, contain spam or security threats, impersonate an individual or organisation, or are otherwise objectionable.
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Tuesday, 14 August 2018